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The increase in digital services make communicating with clarity and your unique style more important than ever.  Word Processing Diva, LLC, located in North Plainfield, New Jersey, can help you professionally present yourself online with customized content for you or your business.

​Word Processing Diva caters to established business owners, startups, attorneys, consultants, and other professionals.  We serve those seeking assistance with Content Writing, Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Website Copywriting and Design, and self-published books.

​You’ll experience personalized attention and exceptional service tailored to meet your specific needs.  We enjoy serving others and love what we do.    

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Are you looking for a job?  Have you sent out resumes with no response?  Resume writing, job searching, and interview techniques have undergone some changes.  Do you know what they are?  How’s your LinkedIn Profile? 

Word Processing Diva can help you craft a customized Resume or Bio that helps your skills and accomplishments shine bright.

Have you been procrastinating about launching a website for your business?  Don’t know what to say or how to generate your content?  Please don’t take a lazy, cookie-cutter approach when it comes to writing copy for your website.  Standing out from your competition is important. 

There’s a story behind your business and your customers want to know all about it.  Word Diva can inspire you to get those creative juices flowing.


A poorly formatted document riddled with bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, or typographical errors can hurt the credibility of your business.  Don’t dismiss the importance of professionally written communication.


Specialized dictation software (including apps on your smartphone) makes it easy to create audio files that you can email to us for processing. 

Do you have a story to tell?  Step out of your comfort zone and make your book publishing dreams a reality.  More than ever, people are becoming self-published authors and enjoying all the perks and recognition it entails.


Word Diva can help you get started.  Come on, you can do this.  “Once upon a time…”


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“You are a goddess! Everything looks fabulous!  You took my life basically, organized and presented it in such a way that compels a prospective employer to take notice.  That's a gift my dear!”

Pamela Febo

Raritan, NJ

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