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We live in a digital world, and communicating with clarity and your own unique style is more important than ever.  Word Processing Diva, LLC, located in North Plainfield, New Jersey, can help you complete your projects with professionalism and creativity.

In business since 1991, Word Processing Diva caters to established business owners, startups, attorneys, consultants, and other professionals.  We serve those seeking help with Microsoft Word projects, document formatting, digital transcription, self-published books, eBooks, and website design.

You’ll enjoy personalized attention and exceptional service tailored to meet your specific business needs.  We enjoy helping others and love what we do.    


A poorly formatted document, riddled with bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, or typographical errors can hurt the credibility of your business.  If the service you provide relies heavily on typed documents and you need assistance, Word Processing Diva is here for you.

Specialized dictation software (including apps on your smartphone) make it easy to dictate content for business or personal use.  If you have a hand-written document to be typed, do your typist a favor and dictate it into a digital recorder.


Do you have a story to tell?  Step out of your comfort zone and make your book publishing dreams a reality.  More than ever, people are becoming self-published authors and enjoying all the perks and recognition it entails. 

When a consumer is in need of your services, one of the first things they do is look online.  They research, check reviews, and make decisions.  Search results matter, and without a professional website you may be missing out.



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“You are a goddess! Everything looks fabulous!  You took my life basically, organized and presented it in such a way that compels a prospective employer to take notice.  That's a gift my dear!”

Pamela Febo

Raritan, NJ

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