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Word Processing…  Although the term may seem antiquated, the need for processing words in some form or another will never change. 

This definitely holds true as we evolve into Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is strongly based on words, data, and prompts.

Word Processing Diva, LLC continues to embrace “word processing” by offering services that require words and content generation in various mediums:

  • Website Design -  Create your digital blueprint online.

  • Content Writing -  Strengthen your brand and communicate effectively through various channels.

  • Voiceover Services -  Bring your written scripts to life.

  • Self-Published Books  - Assistance for new authors and their book publishing dreams.


The bottom line is that we love words, reading, and research.  We're here to assist you in creating digital products for branding, marketing, or promotional purposes.

​​Serving and assisting you in reaching your goals is what we do.

Recycled Paper

Resume Makeover --


“You are a goddess! Everything looks fabulous!  You took my life basically, organized and presented it in such a way that compels a prospective employer to take notice.  That's a gift my dear!”

Pamela Febo

Raritan, NJ

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