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5 Ways Online Transparency Can Improve Your Business

I was coming out of the ladies' room at work, and as I grabbed the door I absently ran my hand down the back of my dress. To my horror, it was tucked inside my pantyhose!

I gasped at the thought of walking down that long hallway and sashaying my way back to the cubicle with my butt exposed for the whole office to see.

I guess the equivalent of this scenario from a man's point of view is forgetting to zip up the fly of his pants, but I think the pantyhose tuck is 10 times worse. Either situation can leave you feeling exposed and embarrassed.

Have you ever thought about the transparency that comes with conducting business on the Internet?

Doing business and marketing your products online creates an environment that leaves you and your business open and exposed.

Your online presence shouldn't be taken lightly.

Your Business is Being Watched

Putting yourself out there can be scary.

Conducting business online requires a new business transparency that requires you to be on your A-Game lest you meet with negative reviews and posts that can ruin your business reputation.

One thing is for certain. Being online means being seen and putting your business in the spotlight. Are you ready for that?

This reminds me of an experience I had while on vacation. Our group toured a “clothing optional” resort while visiting Jamaica.


I’m pretty conservative, so I was amazed by seeing people walk around so freely, totally comfortable with the fact that they were wearing no clothes at all! I was shocked and fascinated all at the same time.

Back to the topic at hand… Getting comfortable exposing your business online.

Are you bringing clients and customers the best that you've got? If not, it’s time to clean house because visitors to your website, blog, or YouTube channel are getting pretty comfortable about expressing their views.

How Online Transparency Can Make Your Business Better

  • Presenting your business online and the transparency that comes with it is an opportunity to perform an honest assessment of how you conduct business and make improvements, if necessary.

  • Online transparency encourages you to put your best foot forward, knowing you'll have to answer for it if you don't.

  • Gone are the days when you could do shoddy work or provide a poor customer experience that few people heard about. Transparency keeps you accountable.

5 Ways to Get Internet Camera Ready

1. It all begins with a good-looking, professional website that’s easy to navigate, user friendly, and mobile responsive. Make sure your contact information is visible and up to date. This can add credibility and trust in the minds of website visitors.

2. Ask yourself… Would you hire you? Would you personally buy the product your company sells or the service it offers?

3. Think about your processes and how you do things. Is it worth the money you’re asking people to pay?

4. Continually hone your skills. Investing in yourself and increasing industry knowledge are positive steps that reap amazing benefits.

5. Treat your customers like they matter to you. Show them you value their business. Customer engagement and feedback carry a lot of weight so building customer relationships is golden.


Transparency in conducting yourself and business online is here to stay. Be careful about what you do, say, and post online - business or otherwise.

Take a close look at how you do business. Is there room for improvement?

Be open to transformation and growth.

Making a few changes can make a big difference personally and professionally.


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