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"Life Begins at the End of your

Comfort Zone."

Write Your Own Book
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If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book or creating an eBook, new technology in self-publishing is a valuable resource to help you get started.  Today’s technology enables you to create, promote, and sell your book on sites like, Kindle Direct, Nook Press, Kobo, and a host of other platforms. 

If you lack the confidence to proceed, Word Processing Diva will provide book development assistance and feedback to inspire and encourage you in your quest to become a self-published author. 

We provide the following publishing services: 

  • Formatting your manuscript in Microsoft Word

  • Editing Assistance

  • Interior Book Layout Design

  • Creating a Custom Book Description

  • Crafting a personalized “About the Author” section

  • Converting completed manuscripts to the following formats for eBook or print:  EPUB, MOBI or PDF

  • ISBN and Copyrighting assistance

  • Uploading and publishing your paperback or eBook to distribution channels

  • Providing publishing assistance and consulting


Self-publishing shows no signs of slowing down and continues to thrive, so don’t be shy – jump in there!

Print-on-Demand Paperback Books

"The Noise in the Night"

Category:  Children's Book (age 6 - 12) 


The story of four young children and their widowed mother who take a vacation to visit the mother’s aunt living in a large Victorian home.  Their journey is filled with love, fun, and mystery, as they seek to discover the source of footsteps and noise in the night.

​This is Joan Peiffer-Stanley's first book, and proof that it's never too late to pursue a dream.  In addition to writing the story, Joan also drew all of the book's delightful illustrations.

"Only When it Rains"

Category:  Children's Book (4th grade & up) 

This entertaining, heart-warming story, addresses the issue of illiteracy as experienced through the eyes of a young child who learns, unexpectedly, that his beloved grandfather has very limited reading ability. 

The boy convinces him that it’s never too late to improve reading skills believed to have been lost many years before.  It’s an engaging lesson of tolerance, inspiration, family history, and love that can be enjoyed by children and adults.

The Noise in the Night
Only When it Rains

Paperback, Ebook & Ghostwriting

"To Pastoring from Pimping - A 30 Plus Year Journey from Street Life to Grace"

Category:  Adult - Fiction

This personal memoir of inspiration and hope can be enjoyed by adults of all ages, who won't be offended by excessively harsh language and violence. 

​Some may wonder if a man can walk away from the pimping lifestyle and successfully re-invent himself.  Find out how Pastor Albert Howard, Sr. overcame obstacles, struggled to be taken seriously in the ministry, and finally became a Newark, New Jersey Bishop.

This book is proof that it is possible for someone at a low point in life to change, and experience new life, through the transformative power of God.

"Will Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly Please Shut Up"

Category - Adult - Political


A book for those who want to learn about the origin, financing, and agenda of politically active groups.   

An entertaining and informative book that reviews the 100 most powerful Liberal and Conservative groups in America. 

To Pastoring from Pimping
Will Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly Please Shut Up

Book Layout

"Physical Chemistry - A Second Look"

Category:  Adult – Technical

Roger Gordon was in his early 80s when we met, and he initially hired me to type up a few letters.  During our conversation, he mentioned that he had a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and told me about the numerous boxes of papers he had at home containing written formulas and calculations. 

My Word Diva creative wheels started turning, and I suggested to Roger that he do something with those documents as part of his legacy.  He decided to have them bound into a (very large) hard-cover book.  

Physical Chemistry - A Second Look
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