Wix Website Design 

Who says a website template can’t look awesome and function just the way you like?  We used the Wix.com site builder to create the site you’re perusing right now.  But of course, we jazzed it up using the Word Diva touch.  


Just a few years ago, the very thought of ever using a “website template” was met with turned up noses and cocked eyebrows.  These days, people are more open to the idea, and welcome the advantages of using a site builder rather than starting from scratch.  It's a great option for small businesses or individuals who need a website. 


However, for some companies, it’s absolutely necessary to have a site custom built from the ground up.  In that case, working with a website “developer” rather than a “designer” is the best option.   For those who don’t require a website with complicated features and coding, Wix.com gives you great, cost-effective options and Word Processing Diva can help you create a stunning site.


People are turning to the internet as their source for information.  What happens when a potential customer googles your company name?  Are you properly and professionally represented online?  ​

If your company isn’t online you’re missing out on new customers, relationship-building opportunities, and sales.  Creating a website is a wonderful opportunity to fine tune your company’s mission, business policies, and the service or product it offers.  Also, having a website allows you to connect with your local community and expand globally. 

If you’d love a website but don’t know how to get started or feel you can’t afford one, we can assist you in creating a custom website within a reasonable budget using the great tools available at Wix.com.

Thinking of launching your own website?  Why wait?  Give Word Processing Diva a call and find out how to get your company online.

Wix Website Re-Design

The "drag and drop" feature of Wix is a great concept. But you've got to have an eye for what to drag in and where to drop it.  Proper arrangement of page elements is important for a professional look.  Also, designing a great website takes time and patience.

If you’ve already created a website using Wix.com that doesn’t look as appealing as you had anticipated, don’t despair.  Word Processing Diva can help re-design your site for a more professional representation of your company.

Another Wix site designed by Word Diva. 
Take a look.
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