Website Copywriting & Design 

Want to drive people and sales to your business?  A good-looking website is just the first step.  If your copy is weak and fails to motivate the reader to move forward in the sales process, you're losing out.

If you own a business, I’m sure you’ve learned something very important during the Covid-19 pandemic; the importance of being visible and active online.  And it doesn’t stop there because you’ve got to continually market your product and services as well. 

Creating a website is a wonderful opportunity to fine tune your company’s mission, business policies, and the service or product it offers.  Also, having a website allows you to connect with your local community and expand globally. 

Got a business?  You need a website.


​When a consumer is interested in doing business with you, they go online and do their research.  If you don’t think online reviews matter, believe me, they do.

Highly personalized content is crucial to business whether it's your website, email marketing campaigns, blogs, or social media posts.

Thinking of launching your own website?  Why wait?  Give Word Processing Diva a call and find out how to get your company online.

Wix Website Re-Design

The "drag and drop" feature of is a great concept. But you've got to have an eye for what to drag in and where to drop it.  Proper arrangement of page elements is important for a professional looking website.  Also, designing a great site takes time and patience.

If you’ve already created a website using that doesn’t look as appealing as you had anticipated, don’t despair.  Word Processing Diva can help re-design your site for a more professional representation of your company.

A website designed by Word Diva. 
Take a look.
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