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The end of all knowledge should be service to others.

Cesar Chavez

Word Processing Diva Reviews

Microsoft Word -- 

"As a retired banking executive unfamiliar, by choice, with computers in the home, it was my extreme good fortune to discover Word Processing Diva nearly four years ago.

From the start, I was impressed by their professionalism.  No project was too small or too large.  My work was accepted immediately and deadlines for delivery of completed work were always met.  I did not even have to ask; my projects have been kept in a private file since the very first day I delivered work to Word Processing Diva.

Upon presentation of this testimonial, I am presenting my latest project with, as usual, special requests and a very tight deadline.  I have every confidence that my deadline will be met; the work will be meticulously done; and as always the bill will be far too reasonable for the quality of the services performed. 

Word Processing Diva's business card reads “Leave Your Typing with Us and Relax.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  I would recommend them with no hesitation whatsoever.  Such professionalism, honesty and integrity are hard to come by these days."

F. Davis, Jr., Edison, NJ

Website Design -- 

"It was a delight doing business with Word Processing Diva.  She was creative and innovative in designing our website (  One of the things we like most about our new site is the overall design and accessibility, making navigation easy for our visitors.


What impacted us most about our experience with Word Diva was the level of communication that was maintained throughout the entire process, and the creativity put in by Word Diva to make our website spectacular.  She listened to our every need and executed them in our web design project.

Colleen at Word Processing Diva is very easy to work with and she definitely fulfilled our expectations."

R. Wright, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Document Formatting -- 

"We contacted Word Processing Diva (WPD) to help us upgrade our Word documents. Prior to contacting them, no one was able to correct page numbering and footer issues with the new software.  It was costing us extra time and headaches trying to print the documents.


We actually contacted them over the Christmas holidays and our project was immediately reviewed.  WPD was able to correct our formatting issues on the initial document and we subsequently had them revise twelve additional documents. We couldn't be more pleased with WPD and would highly recommend for document conversion and upgrades.

J. Flanagan, Summit Actuarial Services, LLC

Legal Secretarial -- 

"During the past year, I've called on Word Processing Diva for preparation of all my legal documents including Motions, Legal Briefs, etc.  They got the job done -- sometimes at a moment's notice.  Service, quality and price will keep me coming back to Word Processing Diva."

L. Hogg's, Plainfield, NJ

Resume Makeover -- 

"I contacted Word Processing Diva for a "Resume Makeover" and was exceptionally satisfied with the outcome.  What impressed me most about WPD is the level of friendly and professional service I received.  I truly felt that my project was a priority and the quality of the finished product proves it!  I was amazed!  Word Diva definitely exceeded my expectations! 

I would definitely refer all my family and friends.  The quality feedback and suggestions were appreciated!  My overall satisfaction comes from the fact that WPD turned my vision into a reality!  Thank you Word Processing Diva!"


K.C. Rouser, Waterford, MI

Resume Makeover -- 

"Word Processing Diva’s services are exceptional!  They possess what I consider to be the top 6 customer service qualifications that promote an efficient and effective organization.  I normally look for 6 qualities in a business: honesty, integrity, communication, respect, accuracy, and satisfaction.  These qualities help me to determine the company’s loyalty to the customer.  Word Processing Diva has demonstrated on many levels all of these qualifications.

The rule of thumb is that you have 5 seconds to make a first impression in most situations.  From the moment I contacted Word Processing Diva I was met with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  I could feel the smiles via correspondence, which was one the first things that impressed me with their organization. 


Qualitative accounts of their scholarship and professional abilities were essential and inspiring to me.  Their knowledge in demonstrating the ability to perform the duties requested was remarkable.  Also, Word Processing Diva’s feedback during my project was an important factor for me and was offered with admiration and swiftness. 


I would definitely recommend Word Processing Diva to all my family and friends.  I would like each one to enjoy a wonderful encounter with this organization.  Thank you for an awesome experience!"


S. White, Woodbridge, VA

Self-Published Book -- 

"Ms. Carpenter you may never know how much you have encouraged me.  God allowed us to meet at the library not to read a book, but to write a book because God knew that you put your heart into your work. You have a way of touching people who think they are untouchable."

Bishop A. Howard Sr., Plainfield, NJ

Self Published Book -- 

"I had heard for years of Word Processing Diva from several friends.  They were complimentary of Colleen's professional and prompt business services.  When I thought about publishing my own book, the editor/publisher choice was very easy.  I wanted someone who was compassionate, competent and highly skilled. Colleen of Word Processing Diva was a perfect fit.

The services I received were exceptional.  I appreciated the personal touches and how I felt very special (even though I was one of many).

Would I recommend Word Diva to anyone else?  Definitely!  The entire experience was unforgettable.  As a new "Author,” initially I felt apprehensive about the writing process, but Colleen put me at ease - allowing my creative juices to flow!"

T. Stephens, Orange, NJ

Self-Published Book --

"The book is beautiful.  Thank you for doing such a good job with the word processing.  The book spine is nice too.  Very professional.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks again."

P. Walsh, Plainfield, NJ

Microsoft Word -

"Searching the internet for a typing service I was quite lucky to find Word Processing Diva.  I’ve utilized their services several times including updating my resume, editing papers, and for help in preparing legal documents.  All of my completed projects were precise and returned in a timely fashion. 


Word Processing Diva is professional, friendly and affordable.  I have recommended this company to my family and friends for the quality it represents."

M. Carpenter, North Plainfield, NJ

Website Makeover -- 

"Word Processing Diva has done it again! The level of efficiency in which my last project was completed led me right back. I must say I was very pleased the first time Word Processing Diva helped me with my resume.

This time I'm nothing short of blown away at the results of my "Website Makeover!" I have so much more confidence in the professional appearance of my site. I literally burst out laughing in sheer delight when I saw the changes made by the Word Processing Diva! I would recommend and encourage anyone to use these services. When it comes to professionalism, efficiency, and innovation they are lacking NOTHING!"


            K.C. Rouser, 

Resume Makeover & Custom

Cover Letter --

"You are a goddess! Everything looks fabulous!  You took my life basically, organized and presented it in such a way that compels a prospective employer to take notice.  That's a gift my dear!"

P. Febo, Raritan, NJ

Self-Published Book & eBook-- 

"My name is Pastor Albert Howard, Sr., of the New Beginning Outreach Ministry located in Newark, NJ.

I contacted Word Processing Diva because I wanted to write a book about my life story.  Word Diva did a very, very great job!  I feel that the work was exceptional, and I look forward to her doing further work for me in the future.

What impressed me most about my experience with Word Processing Diva was that she was very patient and considerate.  Even when I started to put things in the wrong places, she had courage enough and consideration for me as a client, not to just receive the money and do what I thought should have been done.  She changed the things that should have been done right that I had wrong.  I thank her so very much for that.

I would certainly recommend Word Diva to family and my friends.  I have a son who has already authored two books and he was very impressed with mine.  I have recommended Word Diva to my son and he is looking forward to utilizing her services in the future.

May God continue to bless Colleen Carpenter in her endeavors."

Bishop A. Howard, Sr., Plainfield, NJ

Microsoft Word -- 

"I have been pleased doing business with Word Processing Diva.  Their professionalism, courtesy and expertise is the reason why I am a repeat customer.  I highly recommend this company."

J. Washington, No. Plainfield, NJ

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