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It's not what you know, it’s what you can prove.

Denzell Washington, Actor

Resume writing and interviewing trends have changed.  Is your resume ready for 2021?  

Hiring managers and recruiters expect top-notch, optimized resumes, loaded with content showing how awesome you are.   And, if you hope to be called for an interview, your resume needs a lot more punch than the standard bullet list of duties and responsibilities. 

If you think hiring managers and recruiters sit around with a cup of coffee personally reading the hundreds of resumes received for one job post, think again.  They now have software programs that do the grunt work. 

Word Processing Diva’s professional resume writing services can help get your foot in the door by crafting a fully customized resume that is ATS friendly.  Our full Resume Makeovers include one-on-one consultations to reveal your unique qualities and focus on your particular skill set.