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A good bio goes beyond a resume; it describes who you are as a person, your education, your history and the way that you relate to your industry.

Jihan Lee, iMedia

Having a Resume, LinkedIn Profile, or CV is a good thing, but a Professional Biography digs a little deeper. 

Do you have a professional Bio that showcases the awesomeness you bring to the world?  If not, you’re probably missing out on many opportunities that could come your way if you take the time to share “your” story. 

Whether it’s a long or short form Bio, content is key, and boring, uninspired text won’t get you positive results.  A professionally written Bio allows you to reveal distinctive characteristics about yourself that resonate with audiences.


If someone is considering hiring you for a professional service, or purchasing your products, one of the first things they do is check your online presence.  Ask yourself, “Why should prospects choose me over someone else who does exactly what I do?"  What do you want prospective clients and customers to know about your unique brand?  A Bio is a great marketing tool with many benefits.

Bios are especially useful in the following professions:​

  • Business Executives

  • Business Owners

  • Educators

  • Public Speakers

  • Career Coaches

  • Book Authors

  • Musicians, Artists, and more…

Give Word Processing Diva a call.  We’ll help you create a professional Bio that lets you shine like the diamond you are.

Our Process

We work with our clients one-on-one for a personalized experience from beginning to end.

1  Connect with us using the Professional Bio Inquiry form below.  Once your inquiry is received, we will contact you via email to learn more about your Biography requirements and confirm our availability.

We'll send you a brief Bio Questionnaire and PayPal Invoice.  Both must be submitted in order to schedule a date to get started on your project.  Please also upload a professional photo if you'd like one to appear on your Bio.

3  We schedule a date and time for your strategy interview  where we learn all about you, the Bio you want to create, and story you want to share.

4  When your Professional Bio is complete you will receive a draft via email to review.

5  Your Bio Package is limited to 3 round of edits.

6  Your new Professional Bio will be emailed to you in Word and PDF formats.

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