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It's not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.

Susan RoAne

If you’re a naturally private person, such as myself, it may be time to turn a new page in your life and step boldly into the limelight. 

LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals and businesses to connect and an excellent marketing tool for serious job seekers.  Recruiters and hiring managers make a regular practice of using LinkedIn in their searches for qualified job candidates, and screen them prior to offering interviews. 

Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles are not the same.  Your LinkedIn Profile is less formal and written in “first-person,” allowing a natural conversational style. It also provides an opportunity to incorporate multimedia elements such as links, videos, slide presentations, and online documents.  All these things are beneficial in establishing your value, an important consideration for managers and recruiters.

Let’s put this into practice, shall we?  Go ahead.  Pull up your profile now and take a good look.  Does it make you smile and puff out your chest in pride?  Are you blown away by how incredible it is?  If not, it’s possible others won’t be that impressed either.  Also, if hiring managers notice that your LinkedIn profile is incomplete, they may very well click away and move on to the next profile.  Don’t let this happen to you. 

​Word Processing Diva can help optimize your LinkedIn Profile and Summary making it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to get an in-depth view of the wealth of experience you bring to the table.  Contact us and let’s start broadening your networking circle and making some new contacts.

Our Process

We work with our clients one-on-one for a personalized experience from beginning to end.

1  Connect with us using the LinkedIn Inquiry form below.  Once your inquiry is received, we will contact you via email to learn more about your LinkedIn Profile requirements and confirm our availability.

We'll send you a LinkedIn Questionnaire and PayPal Invoice.  Both must be submitted in order to schedule a date to get started on your project.

3  We will contact you regarding any questions we may have or further information required.

4  When your LinkedIn Profile is complete you will receive a draft (in Word format) via email to review.

5  Your LinkedIn Package has a limited round of edits which can be found on the "Pricing" page of this website.

6  Your new profile content will be emailed to you in Word format to facilitate your transferring the text to your LinkedIn account.  (If you need our assistance with this we charge an hourly rate for this service.)

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