Digital Transcription

If you’re a busy person, you know the value of handling written communications quickly and efficiently.  Writing out documents in long-hand is something you avoid whenever possible.  You know that dictating your thoughts in digital format and emailing your files to a transcriber for processing is truly the way to go. 

For business owners, taking the time to have content transcribed and uploaded via

various online platforms has a host of

​benefits for you and your customers, who expect to find information about your company online.  Additionally, YouTube videos that include transcripts not only rank higher in search results, but create an opportunity for hearing-impaired individuals to read your content as they watch videos.   


General Transcription

We transcribe content for a variety of needs.  Whether personal or business we're available to type, edit or format your documents.  

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Legal Transcription

Our 20+ years as a legal secretary and the ability to provide reliable, remote, as-needed services is a great staffing option for attorneys.